The Live Rich Planner 2021 Release (Printable)

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Welcome to the Live Rich Planner® – the one place to organize your busy, exciting, hectic life.

The Live Rich Planner is more than just a planner. A tool to help you organize and anticipate every aspect of your life, it’s designed to encourage you to plan, attack your goals, dream big, and be creative. Most importantly, this planner was created to make your life easier.

Consider it a 24/7 organizational tool which invites you to add your own personal design to each page. Achieve the creative element of a bullet journal without spending hours designing templates from scratch.

It’s my hope that the Live Rich Planner becomes a place where you can calm your mind, find peace and have a little fun.


  • Two PDF Downloads (Book Binding & Single-Sided Printing)
  • 320 Pages (including front cover, tab artwork, and back cover)

Check out or see the planner in 3D here.

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