Peacock Monthly Goal Tracker (Printable)

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Are you looking for a fun and beautiful way to stay motivated with your monthly goals? This monthly goal tracker was designed to track your progress throughout the month, every day.

Track up to three monthly goals. Two peacocks have the number of days listed, which allows you to color in a feather every time you complete your goal for the day. The third peacock has blank feathers to customize what you are tracking every day (water intake, workouts, number of pages to read, etc.)

Use the box at the bottom of the worksheet to list goals that don't require daily tracking, such as financial goals. Make sure to take notes on your progress and what you can do better by using the notes and feedback section.

**Please note that this product is sold as a digital download (PDF). You will be able to download it instantly and print it at home after purchasing. You will receive access to the PDF file as soon as you check out via your order confirmation email.

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