Coloring Design Horizontal Cash Envelopes (Printable)

Product image 1Adult Coloring Horizontal Cash Envelopes FEATURE 1
Product image 2Coloring Design Horizontal Cash Envelopes (Printable)
Product image 3Coloring Design Horizontal Cash Envelopes (Printable)
Product image 4Coloring Design Horizontal Cash Envelopes (Printable)
Product image 5Coloring Design Horizontal Cash Envelopes (Printable)

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Do you use the cash envelope method for your budget? Organize your cash and stick to your budget by keeping track of your cash spending with these cash envelopes. These are great for the Dave Ramsey budget system. Add some fun to your budget with these adult coloring cash envelopes!

** These are 100% digital, which means you will receive a PDF to download. Save the PDF to your device so you can use them for the future. Print them as many times as you need!

On the back of each envelope, there is a cash spending tracker so you can keep a running total of how much cash you have left in your envelope. Quickly see how much cash you have to left to spend!

With this cash envelope set, you also get a blank template to use for printing on your own paper design! The blank template comes with Tracker and Label templates that you can cut out and glue to your very own designed paper (scrapbook paper, etc).

MEASUREMENTS: 7 inches wide and 3.5 inches tall

SET INCLUDES: 6 coloring designed envelopes and one white template.

See how I make my cash envelopes at home and what products I use to make them over on my IGTV channel HERE!




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