Child Savings Trackers

Product image 1Child Savings Trackers
Product image 2Child Savings Trackers
Product image 3Child Savings Trackers
Product image 4Child Savings Trackers
Product image 5Child Savings Trackers
Product image 6Child Savings Trackers
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My son, James, inspired this project. After walking into his room one night to find the contents of his piggy bank all over the floor, I knew he was on a new savings mission.

My son had a new savings goal to save 100 quarters, but his savings goal didn't end there. He wanted to use those quarters to help him reach his ultimate goal of buying new controllers for his Nintendo Switch.

To help him keep track of his progress, these visual trackers were created.

It's important to teach our children important money lessons and make the process fun along the way.

This set of child savings trackers includes:

  • Quarter Savings Tracker
  • Penny Savings Tracker
  • Dime Savings Tracker
  • Nickle Savings Tracker
  • Piggy Bank Savings Tracker
  • A blank version of each so you can use them with any currency

**Please note that this product is sold as a digital download (PDF). You will be able to download it instantly and print it at home after purchasing. You will receive access to the PDF file as soon as you check out via your order confirmation email.

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