TBM Cash Savings Envelopes (Printable)

Product image 1TBM Cash Savings Envelopes (Printable)
Product image 2TBM Cash Savings Envelopes (Printable)
Product image 3TBM Cash Savings Envelopes (Printable)

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Before you buy a TBM product, I want to make sure you have the cash available. Whether you want the Live Rich Planner® or the Budget By Paycheck® Workbook, saving responsibly is critical.

To help you track your savings progress, we have created a series of savings cash envelopes for you.


  • Make sure to check out the TBM® shop for current product prices to determine how much you need to save.
  • Choose a cash envelope to store your cash. Write down the product name on the backside of the envelope and record the amount of your savings goal. There is also a place on the back flap of the envelope to record a due date for your savings goal.
  • On the front of each envelope is a savings tracker "TBM" where you can color in lines to represent your progress. Each tracker consists of 10 lines. To determine how much each line is worth, take your goal amount, and divide by 10. Write down the value of each line on the color tracker. Every time you save that amount and stuff your savings envelope with cash, color in the line.

Saving a small amount from each paycheck for the things I want was essential on my financial journey. More importantly, I was able to turn saving money into a habit and learned the necessary skills to make lasting change in my life.

Thank you for supporting TBM Family. I appreciate you!

** These are 100% digital, which means you will receive a PDF to download. Save the PDF to your device so you can use them for the future. Print them as many times as you need!

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